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Sakamaki Sister. Just an ordinary day in the Sakamaki mansion; all the brothers and Yui Komori are minding their own businesses. Shu; the oldest, is sleeping somewhere, listening to his music. Reiji; second oldest, is in his room, reading a book while having a nice cup of tea. Ayato; the oldest triplet, is currently bored out of his mind, and.

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Corpse Bride Scenario - 1. "They" is a bit vague so I've chosen one of the Mukami brother's for a short story on this. Hope you enjoy, anyway! <3. Keep reading. Diabolik Lovers diabolik scenarios diabolik reactions diabolik ships Diabolik brothers Mukami brothers Azusa Mukami. I'm Back!!. Cordelia (コーデリア Kōderia) was the first wife of Karlheinz and the mother of the triplets, Laito, Kanato and Ayato. Cordelia had long purple hair with distinct side bangs and green eyes with narrow pupils. She wore a black dress with straps made up in a zigzag pattern. There was a white rose embellishment by the right side of her chest and two smaller white roses next to it. The.

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Hold down shift and click your child sim. Click "Edit in Create a Sim." Then, make your child a young adult or adult. Then get in bed, and click the WooHoo or Try for Baby option. But, before they go under, pause and hold down shift and click the sim that used to be a child, then click "Edit in Create a Sim."..

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Diabolik Lovers x Sister Reader 146K Reads 2 Nov 10, 2019 - yui had a little sister that non of the Sakamaki bothers know about until she is told to live there but Yui and her sister Yuki don't get along at all ps Yui In Japan, he is a famous politician whose known as a Diabolik Lovers x reader lemons - Subaru x reader lemon Wattpad The Ghoul. Eddie Munson x cheerleader! gn! reader. •honestly I think this type of person would suit him best, im a firm believer in opposites attract and they’re easily my favorite couples. •that being said, he HATED pep rallies before you, he would skip them before, likely smoking weed at his spot in the woods. •now he has a reason to go, he.

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Jan 15, 2016 · [DIABOLIK LOVERS various x reader. Seiji Komori (小森 セイジ Komori Seiji) is the adoptive father of Yui and a friend/acquaintance of the Sakamaki family. Seiji's current appearance has not been shown. Partial images from the anime and manga show that he wears a cassock. Even when he appears in MORE,BLOOD, in Kanato and.

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First published Feb 19, 2016. You were beaten, kicked, punched, starved, and you have trauma all because of your father. He abused you since you were three years old, now you are 11 years old now (if you aren't 11 just pretend you are.) you were sent to the sakamaki mansion after the church found you. As the story progresses they start to have.

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Ruki is a young man with short ruffled hair colored with black on top and white on the tips. He has blue-grey eyes and also three black piercings on his right ear. Ruki has two big scars on his back from when he was a child. He wears black web chokers on his neck. He is sometimes seen carrying a book.

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Kanato is a little- no a lot more hysteric, Subaru keeps going on rampage. Nothing is the same until their father sends them another sacrificial bride, oh - BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT A BRIDE THAT IS A CHILD! My Imouto-chan (Diabolik lovers x Cursed! Child! Reader) DISCONTINUED May 8, 2018 mipi.

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Diabolik lovers fathers x child readers (Requests Closed) Fanfiction There will be feels in this. # carla # mukamis # sakamakis # shin # vampires Ayato x child reader 29.8K 566 by Nanami-sakamaki Warning will contain many feels. You were drawing a picture for your dad in your room humming a gentle tune.

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A disquieted sigh falls past a troubled lady’s lips, wailing of a baby and his mother behind her seat. For almost twenty minutes it went on, disturbing passengers all in proximity. Diabolik Lovers x Reader 57 parts Complete (Y/n) was a maid for the Sakamaki's for their whole childhood. Karlheinz found her and took her in.

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Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE. Reiji's flashback of Karlheinz giving him the Doomsday watch. Diabolik Lovers (Anime) Episode 4. True Karlheinz appearing at last in the anime. Categories. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. First published Feb 19, 2016. You were beaten, kicked, punched, starved, and you have trauma all because of your father. He abused you since you were three years old, now you are 11 years old now (if you aren't 11 just pretend you are.) you were sent to the sakamaki mansion after the church found you. As the story progresses they start to have.

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The bright pink hues that harbored joy. End up lifeless. Young Yui Komori, laid like a corpse in a casket. The (h/c) haired female stared down at her pitifully, like anyone would during and awake. Her black wings folded behind her. She wore a black skirt with bandages wrapped around her waist above it.

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